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May. 18, 2009
Joe’s Back in the Mix—Finishes 7th at Cat’s Hill

TCB Cycling rider Joe Iannarelli has returned from an early-season shoulder surgery and is already starting to leave a mark at the NorCal races. Here’s Joe’s Cat’s Hill recap:

Hello all, this is Joe Iannarelli new to the TCB cycling team.

After a rather dismal couple months of no racing because of doctors orders I'm finally back. As of right now I have three races under my belt this year, but many more to come. Recently I was able to represent Clif Bar at the Cat's Hill Cycling Classic in the P/1/2 category and managed a top ten. As always the race had its thrills and spills, along with the occasional person deciding to light up a cigarette or cigar at the top of the course. Come on really, we're athletes.

The race was off and flying and within the first few laps the field had already managed the fastest lap of the day. After a few laps I made my way to the front and found my teammate Mark going hard—always good to see. I proceeded to follow a Cal Giant attack and a Webcor guy followed as well. We managed a gap, I pulled through hard and cooked myself rather quick and at the same time got caught rather quick. By this point everything was getting sore as I haven't done enough intensity because of the lack of racing.

Halfway through the race I dropped my chain on the hill. Trust me you don't want to drop a chain on a 23% grade. This shot me all the way to the back of the field and then some, so I crammed my front derailleur over into my big ring and received a handy push from one of the spectators to get me going. I chased back on, good training I suppose. Then came a crash on the fast front straightaway. I almost ran into the tumble of riders but came around. Some more laps went by and there was a really bad crash right before the hill. Unfortunately this was at two laps to go and I was ready to make my move, but to my surprise they stopped us at the finish line and told us there would be a restart. Great, restarts are never good.

We were stopped for quite some time and then the race director decided to give us five laps to go instead of two. In that time I managed to drop my chain on the bottom of the course, but I got it back on and had to make up lost ground. The last lap came and I went screaming up the hill twice as fast as anyone. My power to weight for one all out effort on a short hill like that is good, so I knew I could utilize that to get me into position. I came over the top with a small group, including a few pros, and should have given it another dig but I didn't. Easy to say after the race.

I managed seventh, thought I was six, but I saw the video afterwards and it was super close. I was absolutely fried and ready to go home. Overall I was happy to get Clif Bar the results and be able to represent them.

Till next race…

It’s great to have Joe back at the races! With a few more races under his belt, and a front derailleur adjustment, look out.
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