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May. 10, 2010
Join the CLIF BAR 2 Mile Challenge and Bike to Fight Climate Change
I'm Ryan, the bloke here at Clif Bar & Company whose job it is to shepherd our environmental efforts in the world. Good to see you! I'm here with big news today as we've just finished up an extended period of time installing some new components (nay, a new drive train?) on one of our favorite efforts around here at Clif Bar HQ, the 2 Mile Challenge.

For those of you who have participated with us in the past, you know that it's in our DNA at Clif to help protect those places where we love to play. The 2 Mile Challenge is a game we created to fight climate change by challenging yourself and your friends to ride your bike instead of the car for those quick trips within 2 miles from home. We're super excited to announce that this year the 2 Mile Challenge is sinking some deeper roots into the world of bicycle advocacy and the fight against climate change. We're pairing the 2 Mile Challenge with an effort to award $100,000 in grants to three nonprofit organizations that YOU can help us decide how to spend. Introducing the 2 Mile Challenge Red, Gold and Blue Teams!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to register, join one of the 2MC teams and start pedaling your bike to earn points for yourself and your nonprofit organization.

Clif Bar is awarding each of these groups an automatic $25,000 grant; and participants in the program will help move the goodness forward from now until October 31, 2010. The team with the most points at the end will earn its organization a BONUS grant of $25,000. Pretty cool, right? And it’s easy to log your trips by bike on our site, through your web-enabled smartphone and even through Twitter.

2 Mile Challenge Logo

So I'd like to cordially invite you to join us on the ride and take the 2 Mile Challenge! Reaching for the bike lock instead of the car keys even just one or two times a week will go a long way in helping your team win points while you fight climate change simply by getting out of your car. Did we also need to remind you that riding your bike is just damn fun?!

See you out there at!
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