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Mar. 2, 2011
Josh Daiek Takes Freeskiing Championships at Kirkwood
Back in November I received an email from longtime Team CLIF BAR snowboarder and all-around badass Rose Daiek, asking me if I would consider her brother, Josh, for skiing sponsorship.

She wrote, “Thanks for checking out Josh - he's got a sick video. He's been base jumping a lot. He's got double fronts off of Lover’s Leap. So sick. If you can give him some food, great. If not, he'll try next year.”

Josh Daiek - Team CLIF BAR

Because I didn’t really know what any of that meant, I just sent him a contract. And Josh has not disappointed.

Aside from sending me a bunch of amazing video links showing him doing all sorts of crazy stuff, Josh is also a truly incredible skier. And, now that he is fully recovered from some injuries that stopped him from competing last season, he’s out to prove it.

At the North American Freeskiing Championships in beautiful Kirkwood, CA, this past weekend, Josh showed one of the best fields of freeskiers ever assembled how it’s done.

There was simply no stopping him at his home resort. Under sunny skies on fresh powder, Josh qualified first, finished first on Day 1 and then won the overall on Monday, getting big air and laying down smooth runs in the steep, rocky terrain of The Cirque. Congratulations, Baby J – I can’t wait to see what you get up to next.

If you want to check out Monday’s podium runs, here ya go!

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