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Sep. 23, 2008
Journey to sustainable food programs
I'm taking a short hiatus from talking about our Eco Challenge to blog about a "trip" I'm on.

Thanks to Miss Shauna, sustainable food systems extraordinare, I'm attending the Sustainable Food Summit Lab. We became a member this year and now, Shauna, Thao, our director of Community and I have set out on a little journey this week.

We met up yesterday afternoon with other folks who are also attending. For a little peek into how cool this is, I sat next to a guy last night at dinner who's in the honey business—as you may (or may not) imagine, I had tons of questions for him and it was fascinating to learn about the honey industry.

We're each on a different "Learning Journey" for the week: I'm on the leafy greens journey, Thao on the celery one and Shauna on the grape journey. I'll also be visiting an organic berry farm later in the week. Pretty awesome. We're visiting different locations, meeting farmers and companies that are developing various sustainable food programs.

We'll conclude our journeys with a conference in Santa Cruz. Over the week, I'll try to capture a few things that I learn every day and share them here, so be sure to check back.

Talk to you tomorrow.
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