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Jun. 15, 2005
Last weekend, I took a little road trip up to northern California, to Humboldt State University.  The motivation for the trip was mainly due to a juggling festival being held at the university, but the fact that it is in the middle of the redwood forests made the trip even more appealing!  My husband and I are both jugglers, we mainly juggle clubs (they look like colorful bowling pins).  Juggling festivals are a lot of fun - there are always cooky people there, especially when the festival is in Humboldt County, which is known for having a plethora of hippies, free spirits, and connoisseurs of a particular (illegal) green herb.  Well, we certainly were not let down - there was plenty of tie die, dreadlocks, and goofy, super-nice folks up there to hang out with.  The theme for the festival was really unique, "The Women of Juggling".  This is particularly unusual since there are hardly any women jugglers, the ratio is about 1 in 10!

So what do you do at a juggling festival?  Well, juggle of course!  But also, there are workshops to learn new tricks and skills like poi (fire spinning), acrobatics, or other weird circus type skills.  I learned to spin plates this weekend. There is also a performance in the evening - this one was all women performers.  They came from all over the country and I might say this was one of the most entertaining shows I have seen at a festival.

I brought a bunch of Clif and Luna bars to share with the folks at the festival, they did not last long - let's just say that juggling festivals are not known for providing much in the way of good food.  Next to the stale donuts, the Clif bars were a real treat!

These festivals are held all over the country, there is a little know underground worldwide network of jugglers.  You can travel just about anywhere, find some jugglers, hang out, and probably score a place to stay!  Pretty cool.
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