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Apr. 21, 2006
Just do it!
I thought I'd pass this along in the spirit of Earth Day (Saturday, April 22nd!). Our ecologist, Elysa wrote this a while back. These are pretty realistic changes that can make a big impact. Check them out and see if you can institute them in your workplace.

From Elysa:

"Environmental problems and the most effective ways to tackle them will continually change, so you need to create a business green up program that has both lasting power and adapting power. Moving toward sustainability is a journey of learning and action that should involve the whole company." 

Elysa's 5 Things You Can Do To Green Up Your Office

  1. Establish a green-up mission statement for your company that aims to reduce waste and prevent pollution as far upstream as possible. This statement should involve every department in the company. For example, at Clif Bar our goal is to reduce our ecological footprint along every step of the production process, from the field to the final product. A statement like this makes greening up part of everyone's job description.

  2. Create an infrastructure that helps people stay informed and keeps environmental thinking at the forefront. One way to do this is to tap into outside educational resources. Greenbiz has an amazing list of green-up tools, links and ideas.

  3. Form an environmental advisory committee or team that involves people from all departments. Every business has people that are highly motivated when it comes to environmental issues. Bringing a group of people like this together to brainstorm on environmental problems allows you to tap into that passion, energy, new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. Having fun while going green should be part of the program.

  4. Green up the supply chain. Adopt Environmentally Preferable Purchasing guidelines to help select goods and services that make ecological and economic sense. Green purchasing not only benefits the environment but helps create a healthier, greener economy. You can even influence your suppliers to join on the journey and help spread the good news about going green. If you want to learn more, the EPA is a great source of information.

  5. Take advantage of certification programs and ways to quantify your green up efforts. Programs exist that provide specific guidelines or checklists for improving your environmental performance. The EPA has several voluntary programs including waste reduction, green power purchasing, climate action and energy efficiency among others. Products you purchase may be also certified for their environmental performance—certified organic food, fair trade coffee, post-consumer recycled paper, energy star appliances, green energy or energy tags.

More from Elysa:

"Deciding to green up your business will bring in additional benefits of improved morale among employees and some wonderful new relationships with like-minded businesses, non-profits and individuals on a similar path."

Every effort counts. Get your office to switch to recycled paper content. It's easy! Do something and know that there are many others doing the same thing—it's making a difference.

Be green, be happy. Happy Earth Day!

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