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Jan. 30, 2006
Keep on Pedaling
Did I tell you what I did last November? I went on a "Sustainable Living Bicycle Tour." I tagged along with some folks to bike around to schools and teach kids about sustainable living.

The whole gang on our way from San Diego to PhoenixWho are these people? What did we do? Where did we go? I am glad that you asked!

The group consisted of nine people who work on Catalina Island for a program called Catalina Environmental Leadership Program ( Schools and other groups of kids come to the island to learn about nature and environmental topics.

Since the camp season was over, these folks decided to plan a trip to go visit the kids at their schools and do some activities with them in their own environment.

The school were scattered about from San Diego to Phoenix, so it was going to take several vehicles to carry everyone and all of their gear. That is not a very sustainable plan, so, they decided to get there on BIKES (and drive one van with the gear). Not only would this cut down on gasoline, but it would be a great way to teach about sustainable living.

We left the day after Thanksgiving from Pasadena, CA. A few days later, we gave our first presentation to a high school in southern San Diego. We discussed careers in the environment. I was able to talk about options of working for companies who are leaders in sustainable business practices, like Clif Bar! The kids were super-excited about Clif Bar, and that was fun.

Other types of activities involved: building gardens, making crafts out of re-used materials, setting up compost bins for schools, acting out skits with large assemblies of kids, etc.

Anyway, at the end of 14 days, we had covered 650 miles and visited 8 different schools. I think that the kids really enjoyed our visits and we all learned a lot as well.

For me, the trip was AMAZING—I learned that you just have to "keep on pedaling," not only in terms of a biking adventure, but in all of life’s adventures.

In the photo: Julie, Carrie, Nicole, Jack, Laurie, Kathy, Erika, Megan, Courteny, Tim. We were greeted with such generosity: people let us stay at their homes, or stop by for lunch (in photo, San Clemente, CA).
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