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Sep. 24, 2007
Keepin’ it Real
Tara and her beautiful baby, Eric. Kit, co-owner of Clif Bar with her husband Gary, recently emailed the company thanking us for bringing our whole self to work. This is one of the things that makes working here truly unique. We're encouraged to come to work and really be ourselves—sharing our talents, stories, thoughts. Having this comfort at the office makes us better employees; we bring what we learn in our personal lives and apply it to work and visa-versa.

We don't have to be two people—work and home. We come to work in the midst of our lives, tired mothers, trained athletes, enlightened students, commuting daddies, grieving daughters, caregivers for elders, struggling musicians, and much more. Because Clif Bar Bar "keeps it real" and gives us the space for self expression,we've created an incredible kinship among co-workers. We're interested in each other, care about each other, help each other out and support each other both in and outside of work

While on a leave of absence, I found myself reflecting on what I do. Since returning, I've found myself with greater insight and new inspiration for my work, applying things I learn at home, being a new mother, to both objective work, such as writing about nutrition for kids, to more subjective work, like developing a better understanding of parents' needs in the area of wellness. I feel good about spending time working.

Given that we spend most of our waking ours at work (and some dreaming while sleeping), this is really how it should be—a blend of personal and professional that allows you the space to not only be a better employee, but also a better person. Our work doesn't define us. It's just another part of what we do in the midst of a day, a week, and a year.

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