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Feb. 11, 2011
Kessler Leads Amazing Six-Hour Trainer Ride for Charity
A few months back I received some not-so-constructive feedback based on a past blog post in which I suggested some creative ways of training for cyclists with little spare time.

If you read the Clif Blog and took it seriously, it might seem like our CLIF Shot Brand Manager regularly forces his kids to eat in a dank, dark garage while he spins away for hours on his stationary trainer.

Meredith Kessler raises money for the American Heart Association 1

So, in an effort to reverse the effect of that post, I’m now writing a story that will show stationary trainers in a different light, lest you think that riding in place is inherently evil.

Last weekend, RED Racing, a Bay Area women’s cycling team that fields competitive racers while bringing awareness to the serious issue of women’s heart disease, put on an event at VeloSF to benefit the American Heart Association.

The “Do You Have the Heart” fundraiser featured a healthy heart speaker series, CPR certification, a silent auction and a six-hour indoor ride led by TCB athlete and Ironman Champion, Meredith Kessler.

If you’ve ever ridden a stationary trainer, you know that even twenty minutes can sometimes feel like an eternity. But, the participants weren’t simply soft-pedaling, as Meredith provided bumpin’ music, led the group through speed laps and handed out prizes throughout the marathon event.

In the end, there were 75 exhausted riders and $15,000 raised for the American Heart Association and its supporters.

See…stationary trainers can be used for good. They can.
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