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Apr. 3, 2008
Kristian hits the road
Last week, I started my four and a half month-long journey with Marina—my companion for the long road ahead (pun intended). Marina, one of Clif Bar's biodiesel-loving Dodge Sprinters, and I will travel the highways, byways, interstates and country roads together, visiting coffee shops, deli's, smoothie/juice shops, and a bunch of other places, talking about our bars, and seeing all the sights along the way. We'll start our journey at the sandy beaches of San Diego and, if all goes as planned, make our way up to the rocky cliffs of Seattle.

With the back of my truck filled with bars, I managed to fit in a few other necessities before I took off from the Berkeley headquarters-Surfboard, check; guitar, check; wetsuit, check-lots of gear that I hope will get lots of use during the coast-to-coast road trip.

Keep your eyes peeled on this here blog for stories from the journey. And if you happen to see us out there, give us a honk. Who knows? If I'm stuck in traffic or at a light, I may even toss you a Clif Bar (or two…).

See you on the road.

Kristian and Marina
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