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Jun. 5, 2006
Ladies and Gentleman…Chris McCormack
Macca speaks!Wow, it’s been a busy week. Actually, the madness kicked into gear over a week ago; I was in the office over Memorial Day weekend trying to balance prepping for my own races and prepping the Media Center for "An Evening with Macca." 

Turned out that all that prepping was well worth it. Chris McCormack is a class act. He did a mighty fine job entertaining the crowd at last Thursday's event with stories ranging from how he got his start in the sport of triathlon, to faux pas he’s made on the race course, to the motivation his family brings him as an athlete. He took a few moments to answer questions from the audience and ended the evening with a signing session.

During the Q&A, my mom asked Chris a question about tennis. Nice, ma. please. 

You can take the woman out of the tennis club but you can’t take the tennis club out of the woman. Truth is, Chris, being the versatile athlete that he is, probably would've done just fine if he’d gone the tennis route. He came up with a surprisingly witty and informed tennis response; I’m sure Chris’ tennis-savvy answer lifted him even higher in my mom’s eyes.

A huge thanks to all the folks who helped make the evening a big success. We enjoyed delicious Cheeseboard pizza and tasty Bison Brewing Company brew. Kestrel, Asics, Rudy Project, Tri All 3 Sports, Triathlete Magazine and Inside Triathlon sent some fantastic items for the silent auction which raised some cash for the Breast Cancer Fund.

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