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Jul. 13, 2012
Larsen to Climb 7 peaks to Raise Funds for Big City Mountaineers
Eric Larsen is almost never idle – if he’s not on an expedition to some insanely-distant point on the map, he is surely planning one. Eric’s been to some of the most remote places on Earth, including both poles (multiple times) and the summit of Mount Everest. But, the coolest thing about Eric is that there is always a good cause behind his explorations. Whether he’s gathering scientific data on the effects of climate change, inspiring others to act to preserve the natural environment, or raising funds for a worthy non-profit, Eric’s journeys are never simply about getting somewhere. We like that a lot.

Eric Larsen to Climb 7 peaks to Raise Funds for Big City Mountaineers

Over the next 7-9 days, Eric will attempt to climb seven peaks in the Pacific Northwest with the hopes of raising $7000 for Big City Mountaineers. We here at Clif have supported BCM for years. It’s an amazing organization that mentors under-resourced urban teens through transformative outdoor experiences to enrich lives, broaden horizons and instill critical life skills. It’s always cool to see people and organizations we support coming together for one great cause, and we wish Eric the best of luck in his latest endeavor. For more info on Eric’s adventure, check out his blog.
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