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Dec. 17, 2007
Leftovers, Sprinklerman, and a little bit of Hip-Hop
Last week was 2007's second installment of the bi-annual visit from "the field."

There's a good lot of us who work here in Berkeley, but there's a pretty good chunk of the company that doesn't live right here with us. Kind of mobile Clif-sters who are located all over North America (Canada, too!).

But last week, we were all one big happy family under the same roof.

For the most part, the week was filled with lots of meetings, '07 recaps, '08 planning, delicious eats and out-of-office folks scrambling for vacant desks where they could send off a few emails between meetings.

Which segueways quite nicely into what I stumbled upon in my Pod this morning:

Garett's plate

Yup. That's right. Garett's lunch from Friday. It sat here all weekend long. And now he's back home in Seattle and who's left to clean it up, but his ad hoc podmates—such a thankless job.

And here's a little taste of what our end-of-the-year meeting entailed...

 Sprinklerman and the CLIF hip-hop dance class

Bust a move.

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