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Aug. 11, 2008
Let the Games Begin—Team Clif Bar Athletes Heading to Beijing

Wow, the ’08 Summer Games are starting up! That’s pretty exciting stuff.

TCB mountain biker Todd Wells wrote in a while back after receiving his invite to the games:

Well I just officially got named to the 2008 Olympic team. I qualified for the team automatically based on my World Cup ranking this year but it wasn’t official until today.

This will be my 2nd Olympic Games. I went to the last one in Athens. Last time around I was happy just to make the team. This year we had a great selection process, I have been having my best season ever and I’m hoping to make something great happen at the Olympics.

If I can keep from eating too many chocolate chip Z-bars… I should be ready to go.

And we just got this link sent our way of Mary McConneloug prepping her bottles for a pre-Beijing training ride.

On the road, we’ll be cheering for a ridiculous number of cyclist who ride for TCB-sponsored teams, as well as a whole bunch of riders and other athletes we don’t officially work with but who are classy athletes well worth cheering for.

Two of the Luna Pro Team riders, Georgia & Catherine, are in the Olympic mix. It’s going to be fun to see those two in action.

And BMX… BMX. What can I say—how slick is it that BMX will be adding some true snap to the Summer Games? Word on the street is that the Olympic BMX track is quite the sight to behold.

Then there’s the swimming, the fencing, basketball, gymnastics, team computering, soccer, track & field, probably something that involves fire-eating, and all the other sports that make the Summer Games such a fantastically nutty hodge-podge of the sports world.

Can’t recall the last time I was this excited to see the Summer Olympics get started. Between the Tour de France coverage and the Olympic coverage it all adds up to a pretty mean 1-2 punch of hard-to-pass-up sports spectatorship. Fortunately, I have a sweet pleather recliner that’s the perfect seat for viewing the Olympics. Unfortunately, I tend to lose fitness when I choose to spend hours in the recliner instead of on my bike saddle, but I guess I’ll just be starting my taper for the SF Twilight Crit and the Interbike Crit a bit earlier than expected. Sure, the Summer Games will ruin any chance I have of ending the race season on a good note, but what the heck…

Let the Games begin!
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