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Aug. 14, 2007
Let the sun shine in
My little plant gets some much needed sunlight. I'm somewhat amazed at my ability to seemingly forget to go outside during the day. By 5 o'clock I'm well aware of the deprivation and rush to get out to enjoy the sun (or fog, depending on the time of year).

Interestingly we're not the only ones who need sunlight (duh)...indoor plants do too. Yes, indoor plants whose name seems to suggest that they don't need too much of anything.

Case in point:

I found two plants sitting at the front desk oh, about 4 months ago. They were up for grabs so Georgia and I each decided to take one to add a little greenery to our desk space.

Note that Georgia sits in what I like to call a fishbowl—perhaps the closest thing to having an actual green house in the office.

Aside from the sky light above my desk, we're a bit devoid of natural light here in The Pod. Oddly enough, however, the other plants around my desk do quite well (I'm sure the bi-weekly visits they get from the plant lady probably help, too).

Nevertheless, while I waited anxiously for my plant to grow, Georgia's little one thrived in its sunshine-filled spot at her window. 

It took some time but I finally realized that I had to make the difficult decision to hand my plant over to Georgia for some tender love and care. 

It hasn't been more than a week and it's already looking better!

Now, it's just a waiting game—I venture to say, however, that more sun, more attention and a little green companionship will probably do it more good than harm.

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