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May. 2, 2012
Levi & CLIF – a little history
Hello and welcome to my first ever blog here at CLIF Bar. I'm proud to have CLIF Bar as a major supporter of my charity ride, Levi’s King Ridge Gran Fondo. CLIF represents the same philosophy as Levi's Gran Fondo, especially our focus on community and philanthropy. I've always loved CLIF products and what the company represents and stands for. CLIF Bar has been lauded as one of the best companies to work for, and has been eco-conscience long before it was the popular way to do business, like it is today.

My history with CLIF Bar and Gary & Kit Erickson goes back to my days on the US Postal Service Cycling Team in 2000-2001. I remember riding with them on the first Epiphany Ride in the Bay Area in August of 2000. Gary and I have kept in touch over the years and we often run into each other back in Northern California, since we are practically neighbors. In training I often ride the climb that goes right by Gary’s house. Gary and Kit are very active; I receive text messages and photos of them cycling, skiing and hiking to name a few of the activities at which they excel. If you ever find yourself in St Helena in the Napa Valley stop by Velo Vino and you might even find Gary serving some of their family wine or coffee. Of course they also serve all your favorite CLIF products like Citrus SHOT Bloks or Crunch Peanut Butter granola bars - which happen to be my favorite.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out all the content here on my CLIF Bar page!

Levi Leipheimer
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