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Jun. 6, 2012
Levi’s Dispatch from Park City
Sounds like Levi’s bouncing back from bouncing off that car. He’s getting ready for some upcoming races by riding around in the thin Park City air and hanging out with his moose pal, Earl.

What Levi doesn’t mention in the following blog is that we helped him do some pretty hardcore rehab training in Santa Rosa recently. He signed a sizeable stack of his new limited-edition Levi’s GranFondo posters. Just kept signing & signing… Did it super quick too, for the anaerobic benefit. It was like something Mr. Miyagi would have thought up.

We’re pretty sure it’s going to pay off bigtime as Levi gets back up to race speed. And down the road, when poster-signing intervals are all the rage in the pro peloton, we’ll all chuckle knowing that Levi did it first.

Here’s Levi’s June dispatch:

It's been more than 8 weeks since I was hit by a car and ended up with a broken leg so I'm starting to feel normal again. There's still a rock hard lump of soft tissue directly over the fracture site but it's nothing compared to what it was one week before the Tour of California. My next race is the Tour of Switzerland, a race I won last year. Switzerland is a great country for its obviously beautiful landscape and it seems the whole country runs like the world famous watches it produces. I plan on racing the Tour de Suisse without any pressure and most importantly saving some vital energy for The Tour de France in July. I need to give my leg and my body some more time to catch up at a reasonable pace. Besides there are a couple of great races back here in the US during August; the Tour of Utah and the US Pro Challenge in Colorado.

I'm currently gasping for air near Park City, Utah. I arrived here directly from the Tour of California and plan on traveling directly to the Tour of Suisse so I can have more than two weeks at altitude that will hopefully pay off in July. The training here is fantastic and the weather is starting to feel like summer as well. I like coming back to Utah as often as I can. I actually graduated from high school in Salt Lake City and attended the University of Utah before starting down the path as a professional cyclist. I have some old acquaintances here (like ex pro Burke Swindlehurst) and it's nice to catch up with them. Burke, by the way, is fitter and faster on the bike than I've seen since he retired.


There's nothing like training in the high mountains to refresh your spirit and dream like you were a kid again. Just yesterday I had a very long and intense training day but it seemed to fly by as I soaked up the scenery that motivated me to do it justice by riding fast, if you can relate? On that note, I'd like to congratulate Ryder Hesjedal for winning the Giro d'Italia. What a stunning performance and I have to admit I never thought he was capable of something like that - it's another inspiring example of hard work over time paying dividends. Bottom line, we should all dream big!
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