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Aug. 24, 2010
The Story Behind the Jersey: Limited Edition CLIF Cycling Jersey, Honoring the Late Clif Erickson
Way back in 1990, I went on a 175-mile bike ride with my buddy, Jay. In preparation for the ride, we packed six energy bars for the ride—the only energy bar on the market at the time. At mile-120 we made it to the top of Mt. Hamilton, but we realized that we still had a lot of road ahead of us.

Tired and famished, I pulled the last energy bar out of my pack, but as hungry as I was, I just couldn’t bring myself to eat it. In that moment I couldn’t help but ask myself “What if energy bars were delicious?” The minute I asked the question, I realized that I could make something better—an energy bar that tasted great, was made with all-natural ingredients and that could help get me through my long rides. It was an epiphany moment and I decided to follow the inspiration.

Clif and Gary

Fast forward a year and a half and countless batches later, and the first CLIF BAR finally came out of the oven. I decided to name the bar after my dad, Clifford. My dad had always encouraged me to embrace adventure and follow my passions whether it was cycling through the Alps or making a new kind of energy bar. Likewise, I hoped this new energy bar that I had created would help people embrace their adventures and follow their passions – what better name for this bar, than CLIF BAR.

My dad wasn’t much of a cyclist, but he knew what cycling meant to me and he enthusiastically supported my trips, races and enthusiasm for the sport. This is one of the things that made him such a great dad – he loved what his kids loved.

My dad, passed away last May; he was 83 years young. His name and his memory live on as people take CLIF BARS to the tops of mountains, down rivers, and in their packs and purses on busy days.

Picture of Clif

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of that epiphany moment I had at the top of Mount Hamilton and to honor the love and support my dad gave me as I started and grew Clif Bar & Company, I designed this limited edition CLIF Cycling Jersey. I wear this jersey on my long rides knowing that my dad is still cheering me on.

This commemorative CLIF Cycling Jersey is available for a short time at our online store.

I hope it will inspire many great rides and epiphany moments.
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