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Jun. 11, 2010
Little Red Riding Hood: Not Just a Fairy Tale Anymore
Colleen Cooke in Colorado (say that one five times fast!) played the role of Clif Bar & Company’s own Little Red Riding Hood a few weekends ago when she brought LUNA Bar out to support an all women’s cycling event, and by the sounds of things this wasn’t just your average girls' day out for a ride. Colleen had me at chocolate fountain, but I think the rest of y’all out there should read on.

LUNA Little Red Riding Hood - close bike and wonderwoman

What do chocolate fountains, Wonder Woman, tutus, road rash, women, bikes and Little Red Riding Hood have in common? One crazy fun weekend!

You thought Little Red Riding Hood was a fun little story you read when you were younger, you say?’s an all-women’s bike ride in Lewiston, Utah that attracts 3000+ women to saddle up for miles of fun, costumes, tasty treats and some serious girl time. This is a ride where costumes are the norm and full, and matchy-match kits are almost non-existent. Not to say this ride does not attract some serious riders though, because I am here to tell you that I met some amazing women from all fitness backgrounds who rode anywhere from the 16-mile course to the 100-mile course.

LUNA Little Red Riding Hood - good choc fountain pic LUNA Little Red Riding Hood - girls in tutus

Probably one of my favorite stories from the weekend comes from one of our LUNA cycling kit winners – she literally borrowed her sister-in-law's shorts and jersey just to do this ride because she didn’t have her own cycling clothes. How’s that for enthusiasm? She is now the proud owner of one super sweet LUNA cycling kit that she can call her own, and I know she will look AMAZING in it as she continues pedaling into life. Awww, brings tears to my eyes just thinking about her.

To be able to witness the phenomenal support of all the women for one another, and the support from the men in their lives encouraging them and doing their parts to make this day special for them was awesome. This was truly an incredible day of sisterhood that I feel so fortunate to have been a part of. Ride on you crazy women of “Little Red” -- you are an inspiration!
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