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Sep. 17, 2007
Live from the Trans Rockies Run…Stage 1
Colleen, our Rockies field rep, is off and running in the GORE-TEX Trans Rockies Run. When I spoke to her last week, she seemed pretty stoked on running 118 miles over 5 days. I think she's crazy but I'm totally convinced that she'll rock those Rockies like no other. As if running just about a marathon a day isn't enough, she's going to muster up enough energy to send us "race reports" from the trail. Here are two entries to catch up on all the news I missed over the weekend:

Date: Saturday, September 15th, 2007

So it's 7:30 on Saturday night and I typically would be enjoying 2-3 glasses of wine (OK, most likely 3), but tonight I kept it to one because tomorrow morning I'll be starting one of the biggest adventures of my life! No, I'm not getting married but i will be running via trail from Beaver Creek, Colorado to Aspen, Colorado in 5 days! It's about 118 miles with elevation gains to make mountain goats think twice! Talk about quality time with someone—my running partner, Glen, and I will be running and camping together the entire time! Don't worry; we'll be able to shower.

Guess I should let you in on the fact that this is actually an organized run—the Inaugural GORE-TEX Trans Rockies Run. People are paying money to do it. Being September in the Rocky Mountains, it should be spectacular for sight-seeing so when we're catching our breath and stopping for a CLIF snack we'll be enjoying some awesome views!

I've only been at the race headquarters now for about 3 hours and I've already met some amazing and truly genuine people! A fabulous couple from Toronto (Team Prenuptual) who just got married last June, Stefani, a fun writer from New York here to write and run for Runners World, my good friend, Adam Chase (who he and his partner, Michelle, are AMAZING runners!), and then there's this fabulous man out of So Cal, Thomas Miller, who's been more than instrumental in securing some truly VIP status for Glen and me. Talk about your serious SWAG—Adidas trail running shoes, running pants, shorts, shirt, hat, and GORE-TEX jacket! I'm not kidding! SERIOUS SWAG! Kenny Souza, you don't know what you're missing! (Sorry, had to "slam" Kenny a bit because he was my hopeful "original" partner for this excursion).

Tomorrow's our shortest run at 15.8 miles with the last 5 miles at a 12% grade! GULP! WOO-WHOO! Let the adventure begin! What a ride, baby! What... a... RIDE!

DATE: Sunday, September 16th, 2007

Day 1 down! 15 miles and 3,993 feet of climbing that ended with a 12% grade for 5 miles and a great thunderstorm at the top of Eagles Nest in Vail—gotta love Colorado weather! But what an amazing day filled with lots of Aspens changing, creeks flowing, mini waterfalls, and more friends from around the world to run with!

The most popular item found on the trail today? Bear poop! Yep. Lots and lots of bear poop! They're getting ready to hibernate so they're hungry! Apparently one even showed up race morning in Beaver Creek Village before the race start. I'll admit today was harder on my body than I expected with my quads already starting to tire. But I'm sure a nice cozy nap in my tent this evening with my teammate should help. Ahhh... did I mention it downpoured with rain right after we finished and then stormed again later in the afternoon to soak all of our tents?

Tonight's sky is calling for more rain, and rain and cold temps tomorrow for our first really long day of almost 26 miles! It will be challenging but my philosophy on this journey is to "enjoy the moment that I am in." I'm doing my best NOT to think about the upcoming days but relishing in the sights and sounds that surround me with each footstep on the trail!

Gotta go grab some grub now with the other runners!

If you're eager to follow the run and can't wait for Colleen's reports, hop on over to the Trans Rockies Run website and read the individual stage reports. Go, Colleen!

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