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Sep. 18, 2007
Live from the Trans Rockies Run…Stages 2 and 3
Day 2 and Day 3 are over and done with and Colleen's got some words to catch us up on her Trans Rockies Run adventure. Colleen and her running partner/teammate Glen (plus a third member as added Day 2) have been running marathons for the last three days so the last thing I could think about doing was cutting her storytelling short, not to mention the fact that her stories are stellar and I wouldn't want to risk leaving any of the fine details out. So, here we go—race reports from the front line of the inaugural Trans Rockies Run.  P.S Apologies for the lack of photos; as you might imagine, it's a bit difficult running and snapping photos at the same time. I decided I'd let her off the hook this time but feel free to pop on over to the Trans Rockies Run website to see some pro photos from the race.

DATE: Monday, September 17th, 2007
WOW! Holy Mother Nature episodes! At the end of last night's awards ceremonies we all scampered back to out tents trying not to get too wet as yet another thunderstorm had made its way to Vail. However, the pitter-patter of rain ALL NIGHT was quite soothing and it kept out any noise from I-70 that was right next to our make-shift campground at Ford Park and it kept out any possible snorers! 

Probably around 5:00 AM it seemed the rain may be stopping… ummm… WRONG! And this time it came with some serious thunder and lightening! Can you say, "Global Weirding!?!" But alas we had an 8:30 start time up on top of Vail Mountain so we had to gather our camping gear and bundle up to catch the gondola up to where it was SLEETING!  Yes, again—Holy Mother Nature! They actually did postpone our start to 10:30 and to the sounds of ACDC's Highway to Hell we were off for a 4.5 hour adventure that left us in awe, breathless, and so stoked about what we are participating in! Unfortunately, the race organizers did have to shorten the route from 26 to 20 miles today because of the late start and weather...did I just say "unfortunately?" Apparently the miles and altitude are getting to me! 11,700 feet today, Baby! YAHOOOOO!

We literally went through all sorts of weather today! Started with light rain and fog that switched to SNOW, that changed to sunshine, and ended with rain! Seriously—you have to LOVE Colorado! There are a few moments that really stand out from today and one that actually had me in tears (no worries—the good, happy kind!). We were running up on Inner Mongolia bowl and surrounded by snow on the ground and blue skies above and runners on single track! So flipping awesome! Then on another stretch of serious up hill we were surrounded by rain (or melted snow) that was falling through a forest of pine trees mixed with fog! Very Ansel Adams and oh so breath-taking! 

I will say the trails were pretty muddy today and VERY slippery in spots (yeah, snow tends to do that to trails!) and my new motto became, "rocks, mud, and downhill—OH, MY!" However, my friends will never believe this BUT...I have yet to fall! Of course I just cursed myself. To the Stars Through Difficultie  (someone reading this knows what I mean here).   

There has already been some team re-shuffling and today we actually picked up a third member to Team Clif Bar and are now "Trysome Clif"!  Such fabulous energy between the three of us and we each step up when needed and truly work together! AWESOME! I am grinning ear to ear and just can't believe that this is my life right now! 

There are no clouds in the sky this evening so it will most likely be a colder night and without the rain I think we're going to hear the snorers! Time for more Aleve! Trans Rockies ROCKS! (Eyes just filled with tears as I smile…) 

DATE: Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
WOW! WOW! WOW! (Again with the happy tears in my eyes as I type).  Such an AMAZING day! Woke up to perfect weather— definitely COLD, and yes, we did hear the snorers last night. So unfortunately last night's "sleep" was more like connected mini naps. But oh well, I already figured that I may not actually sleep very well and was prepared to be satisfied with "rest" each night.

But Glen and I woke and started our "morning routine" to prepare for our day: get dressed (sleeping with next day's race clothes in my sleeping bag so they're toasty when I put them on), get breakfast, fill water pouch and gather food for the first miles, and check in with the race directors. Today's course involved a lot more running (versus a lot of uphill hiking yesterday) so our time was much better, and our newest teammember, Thomas was INCREDIBLEY VALUABLE! Thomas is such a welcome addition and between the three of us there's some great energy flowing! 
So much beautiful scenery was on course today and enough challenges to keep the quads firing! Thank you, sir, may I have another? Yes, the quads are VERY tender but I actually learned today that I do better opening my stride and running a bit faster than expected. And something else I learned today that is REALLY helping is that instead of wishing the miles away and wanting to be done, I get sad as the miles slip away and our fabulous journey is coming to a close! It may seem silly, but ALL we have to do each day is run! How cool is that?  And it is such a unique experience that I want to make sure I take it all in!

OH my gosh, how could I forget?! Today we had two pretty serious stream crossings that were calf high and so much fun to cross! I felt like an adventure racer! Hmmm... perhaps that will be the next challenge? Doubtful. 
Each day the athletes develop deeper relationships and the support grows. It's like we're all becoming one big happy family that eats, runs, sleeps, runs, and eats together! Some truly quality people are here and it has been an incredible honor to be such an ingrained part of the Inaugural Trans Rockies Run! I have had the good fortune of meeting and talking with many of the race coordinators, handing out awards each night, and just having a blast! Again—very family like!  And I have been without Diet Coke and wine for 3 days now! Thank goodness for Cola Clif SHOT BLOKs! Now if we only made the pina colada ones with rum! 
Good vibes being sent out from Leadville this evening and a big THANKS to all of you who are reading this! Your support means a TON to me and is helping me survive this life-changing experience!  Tomorrow is our longest and highest day and will be covering 28 miles and up to 11,900 feet!


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