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Jul. 27, 2006
Local Commutes
Board meeting(an expired, but still worthy, traffic report);
Good morning! Here's your local traffic report for July 27th, 2006.

Looks like conditions are setting up for a great commuting day here at Clif Bar.

Fifth Street side hallways are relatively clear—occasional bike traffic present. Use caution if carrying a cup of coffee or more than 10 file folders.

If on foot and headed south toward climbing wall #1, hot-spot backups have been reported near Finance, due to Q3 reforecasting. Expect up to 3-minute delays.

Warehouse activity is steady with frequent forklift crossings—so maybe think about taking the route through the Theatre if attempting to cross to the 4th street side.

We've had a skater-bra reported thrashing and grinding in the new office space, displaying some, "Sweet style on open tile," a local noted. He doesn't seem to be impeding anyone's day so authorities have not been called. Apparently skateboarding isn't a crime after all. 

Finally, there has been a head-on collision between a Razor scooter and a filing cabinet near Operations, however no injuries were reported. Let's maybe slow it down a bit around those blind corners—n'kay people?

Enjoy your days, everyone. And if not yours—someone else's.

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