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Mar. 10, 2008
Lola the amazing ambassa"dog”
We are so lucky here at Clif, I swear. I guess I occasionally take for granted all of the programs and interests that CB&C fosters. Last week, however, I was quickly reminded when I brought in Emily Colwell and Lola the Ambassa“dog” for a volunteer orientation from the Berkeley Animal Shelter, located just a few blocks away from our office.

The shelter does so much great work on a limited budget and Emily runs an awesome volunteer program.

I’ve been trying to get Clif Bar people down there so that they can help out the animals and get their 2080 hours. Well, half the battle is getting folks there for the orientation (after work) and then they have to attend a dog handling or cat handling class; I guess you could say the process is slightly stringent! That’s why bringing Emily here with Lola proved to be time well spent. Clif paid for the pizzas and a whole crew showed up! I’m so happy we have these opportunities and I’m even more glad that people share my passion for helping shelter animals. Just another day at the ol' Bar!

P.S. Lola was adopted prior to her visit with us! Once you meet her, it’s not a surprise. She goes to her new home in just a few days. Good luck at your new home Lola!
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