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Nov. 13, 2007
Look-e here
Eric (center) gets the award for best dressed (and for our SkiGreen program) Eric, just one of the many Clifsters responsible for getting our bars in stores, lives over in Virginia. Although we miss having him in the office, his cross-country living worked out perfectly for Ricardo, who couldn't make it back to Philadelphia to receive the Green Power Pilot Award from the EPA Green Power Partnership.

Eric spared Ricardo the pain (and the giant carbon footprint) of flying all the way out East to the awards ceremony. Take a look at Eric, looking dapper in his suit (and Clif-Bar red button down) and filled pride as he receives the hand forged, 100% post-consumer recycled glass plaque (likely part of "salvaged windowpane").

Why did we receive this award anyways? For our SkiGreen program, which comes in perfect timing with the start of the California ski season just a few weeks away.

duking it out over the plaqueSkiGreen's part of a unique partnership that we have with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation's SkiGreen™ program. Skiers and boarders can offset their travel to and from the ski hill buy purchasing a Green Tag.

The award arrived safe and sound at our office yesterday, just in time for Ricardo and Garett (stewards of the program) to fight over who gets to display the lovely plaque at their desk. 

Pop on over to the SkiGreen website to purchase you're very own GreenTag.

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