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Jun. 15, 2005
Low Carb Yogurt Taunts me

Squeezing my lunch on a shelf this morning I once again moved aside a “low-carb” yogurt.  Can you believe this?! Who thinks low-carb yogurt is necessary? Forget it…. I don’t even want to know.  But really, how much longer can I ignore it?

Somebody has been taunting me with this yogurt for weeks, like they are just trying to push the dietitian’s buttons. Of all things, why low-carb yogurt? Where did I go wrong? Doesn’t everyone around here know by now that carbs area healthy?

First of all, low-carb is “soooo yesterday”.  Hello my friends - whole grains and fiber are in and white bread & sugary cereals are out - your average low fat yogurt is fine.

Second of all, low –carb yogurt takes perfectly natural sugars (like lactose in dairy) and replaces with undisclosed amounts of artificial sweeteners. Have you noticed how artificial sweeteners like sucralose are showing up in everything lately?  Presumably artificial sweeteners are perfectly fine once in a while but, they are popping up in everything from yogurt, to drinks, to bread – people could be heading for overload.

I suspect the amount of sugar in the “low-carb” yogurt is the motivation behind the purchase. When it comes to yogurt, which is already a healthy choice, there is nothing wrong with a few grams of sugar for some pleasurable flavor

Why don’t they do one better & go for plain yogurt  & adding a dab of honey, jelly, or real fruit for flavor. It would have less sugar & still be natural. After that, who cares about the carbs?
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