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Jun. 22, 2010
LUNA on Tour with Lilith
For the next two months, LUNA heads out on tour with Lilith Fair. In a flurry of over 30 cities in the US and Canada, Lilith features a huge group of top female artists including Sarah McLachlan, Mary J. Blige, Sheryl Crow, Kelly Clarkson, Cat Power, Erykah Badu and many more. And our very own Shannon is hitting every single stop on the tour.

Hi, I'm Shannon Mujica and I have a feeling that for the next few months I'll be known as the "LUNA Girl". Why, you ask? For the next eight weeks I will be on tour representing LUNA all over Canada and the US with Lilith Fair -- a celebration of women in music -- that officially kicks off this Sunday, June 27 in Calgary!

Lilith Fair

I am overjoyed to have this opportunity to share the road with some of the best female musicians in the world, give out delicious samples of LUNA Bars and share in the sisterhood that was born of common interests in lifestyle, balance, strength, environment, community and support toward one another. I'm also extremely happy to spread the word about what nourishment means in a "whole-life" way.

A little bit about me -- I have an insatiable wanderlust and feel the need to be on the road experiencing life, up close and personal. I'm a chameleon in the sense that I adapt easily and enjoy the ever-changing, never-knowing situations I seem to find myself in more often than not. When I'm not traveling, I live in a tiny little ski town in Colorado. I ski in the winter and in the summers my boyfriend, dog, roommate and I head to our off-the-grid treehouses at 11,000 feet. When we are in town, bike rides, BBQ's and yard games are a must. I love the outdoors and any activity that allows me to feel the wind in my face. I am a huge fan of road trips, and have been to every state in the US minus North and South Carolina, Alaska and Montana.

Shannon on tour with Lilith Fair!

Music is my other passion and I can honestly say that Red Rocks Amphitheater is my favorite place in the universe to see a live show. I make a list of "fun" goals (skydive, drive cattle, ride a mechanical bull, ride in a hot air balloon, scuba dive) every five years and am really good at checking them off. I'm a space geek, a plethora of useless knowledge and I've never met a stranger. My passport is my favorite "thing" that I own and if you get me laughing hard enough I'll snort.

That's ME in a nutshell, and I'll be your "LUNA Girl." I'm hitting every single stop on the Lilith Fair tour, and will be checking in every few stops to recap the highlights in each city. And I'll definitely have some great pictures and video to share from all my travels. See you soon
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Chris Morell
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