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Jun. 3, 2009
Macca Wins in Austria
Recently, Eric and I had the pleasure of meeting up with TCB triathlete Chris McCormack and his agent Scott Fairchild when they were in the Bay Area for the Morgan Hill Triathlon.

Chris won that one.

After the race we shot an interview with Chris by the swim start. Then Chris carried his own chair all the way back to the expo area. I think the photo of Chris carrying the chair is my favorite shot of the day—it’s classic Chris McCormack. No prima donna syndrome here.

Once the interview was wrapped up, we ate a whole bunch of food at a little breakfast spot in Morgan Hill and talked about earthquakes in California. We were telling all sorts of earthquake tall tales to the point that the non-Californians at the table were getting a bit squeamish.

It was fun at the time.

Then that very night a pretty good shake rattled the SoCal area.

So no more earthquake jokes & tall tales. Check. Lesson learned.

Another lesson learned is that Chris is going mighty fast these days. The dude just keeps winning races. Maybe it’s all that chair-carrying cross training he’s been doing.

Here’s the scoop from Chris on the 70.3 in Austria:

My European racing campaign kicked off well with a win in the Ironman 70.3 event in Austria. I had a great day and despite being a little jet lagged managed to capture my fourth race win of the season. After arriving in Europe on Thursday night I managed to put together a solid swim and bike combination and stay close to Belgian star and 5 time Ironman champion Marino Voehanaker. The run was very fast but I had great legs and managed to out kick Marino with 200 metres left to run and win the title. I ran a 71 minute half marathon effort which was solid on a tough course. I was happy with that considering the travel. Marino had a great race and Italian former pro cyclist Max Cigana was third after an impressive bike run combination. It was an awesome race with over 2600 athletes enjoying a great event.

My new site will launch late this week so pop by and check it out. It is going to be awesome. My wife Emma will also have a blog on my site so she will give a different perspective of things in our life. I am actually keen to see what she has to say myself.

Anyway I will write again in a couple of days when I settle into Niederbronn France and a routine. My next event is in two weeks in France but I have a lot of training to get done over the next 5 weeks before Ironman Germany.

My race season so far has been really solid with 4 race wins and two second place finishes from 6 starts. I am moving into some solid form and our early season bike changes have started to take hold and I am feeling much better with my run.

So back in the car now and a long drive from Austria to France. Stay tuned for the new site and some new blogs in the next few days.

Safe training,

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