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Oct. 22, 2007
Mahalo, Macca!
Chris McCormack just won the Ironman World Championship this past Saturday and it was a sweet sight to behold.

In the walkway behind the finish line, I gave Chris a congratulatory hug—it was one of the wettest, slimiest, stickiest hugs I’ve ever experienced. I think Chris was just happy to have someone/something to lean up against for a bit and I was perfectly happy to lend a hand. I’ll always remember that hug and the words Chris said to me as we embraced, "I did it, man. I finally did it."

Yeah, Chris, you did it alright. Truth be told, I think everyone who knows Chris knew he’d do it. There’s an amazing energy and focus to the guy—it only seemed a matter of time before Chris claimed the Ironman World Championship title.

Beautiful thing about talented, well-rounded athletes like Chris—if he went his whole career without ever winning the Ironman World Championship it wouldn’t have really mattered to those of us who run the TEAM CLIF BAR program. When you get to see Chris interacting with the fans, as he did at the expo on Wednesday morning, it becomes pretty clear that Chris is a whole lot more than just a triathlon-winning machine. When Chris is in the mix the sport of triathlon wins regardless of race results. That’s how good Chris is.
I can’t tell you how stoked and proud I am that TEAM CLIF BAR works with Chris McCormack. He’s all class.

And now he’s won the Ironman World Championship.

Thanks for everything Chris! That was awesome.
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