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Mar. 8, 2011
March is National Nutrition Month!
If you hadn’t heard, it's National Nutrition Month. This is an annual campaign that descends on us annually every March to bring awareness to healthy eating.

So I'm going to use this month as a kick-off of nutrition tidbits to share with you regularly - not just this month, but every month! Awareness of the food you're putting in your mouth is certainly the first step in assuring your bites are nutritious ones. It is my job here to be hyper-aware, and I love sharing.

MOJO and Apple

Let's start by commenting on an advertisement I saw on the side of the bus during my lunch-time run. It was an ad for the Jack in the Box All-American Burger comboed with fries and a soda pop. Wow Jack! Way to slap American’s inability to eat heart-healthy right in the face.

The burger has two patties and three slices of cheese along with a sesame seed bun and some special sauce. I wouldn’t have been as taken aback by this if Jack hadn’t called it All-American.

I am all for a good burger now and then, but I've never been able to figure out why anyone we eat two patties and multiple slices of cheese when for equal taste and far less saturated fat and calories, you can just have one patty and one slice of cheese.

Even if Jack would have simply called this version All-American, I would still to argue that there is nothing American about it. And that's because a real "All-American" burger is grilled in your backyard during the summertime, and rightly topped with fresh tomatoes, onions and Aunt Bernice’s homemade relish.

Given the choice between Jack’s All-American quick-fix-for-lunchtime and the bar in my desk drawer, I will opt for a CLIF MOJO Bar and a crispy, organic fuji apple any day.
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Tara, the RD
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