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Jul. 13, 2009
MASH takes on California
This past February I was invited to join MASH and drive a support vehicle for the team as they embarked, unofficially, on the Tour of California route on track bikes.

Yes: fixed-gear, no brakes on the same climbs and descents as the pro peloton.

If I wasn’t there to witness it for myself, I might not have believed it happened. These guys punished themselves every single day…sometimes ending a stage by streetlights…returning to economy hotel rooms without a massage or a catered dinner. Michael Martin, Gabe Morford and Will Meeker captured the entire trip brilliantly from the back of a Honda Ruckus, the open doors of a passenger van and the side of the road.

Check out a preview for the full-length film below...

PREVIEW: MASH Tour of California 2009 from MASH TRANSIT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

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