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Mar. 31, 2011
Massive Amounts of Snow - Mike Basich Digs Out
If you are a snowboarder, you are, no doubt, familiar with Mike Basich and his legendary exploits. After all, the dude helped pioneer the sport in the 80s, riding competitively at the highest level for years, then switching gears and taking snowboarding into the backcountry.

Mike Basich - Cabin 5

And Mike continues to push the envelope today in just about everything he does. A superb craftsman, Mike no longer relies on others to create things he needs. He built his snowshoes out of old road signs, started his own clothing company, can make you a split board out of an old snowboard, convert your truck to run on veggie oil or simply wire your golf cart to run on solar energy.

Mike was a DIY guy long before it became a corporate catch phrase. His master creation, though, is his handmade house that sits on a 40-acre plot of land near Donner Summit. Constructed of 175 tons of granite he found on his property and hand-moved to the construction site, the cabin is solar-powered and far-removed from many modern conveniences. Mikey did, however, utilize a 12-volt electrical system to support all the devices necessary for keeping in touch with society.

Mike Basich - Cabin 3

Mike also designed his house with a pitched roof – standard for a dwelling being built at 7,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada.

But, one thing he probably didn’t plan on, was receiving the amount of snow this winter has provided. And boy, has it snowed. And snowed. To the tune of almost 700 inches to date at that elevation.

Mike Basich - Cabin 4

So, I thought it might be fun to show some pics of Mike trying to dig himself out from under the massive amounts of snow. As you can see, his cabin was completely covered by the last series of storms to sweep in from the Pacific. Looks like he might need those electronic devices for mere survival at this point!

I’m sure by next season Mike will have a system in place for clearing heavy snow from the roof, and somehow powering a vehicle or chairlift with it in the process. Or something like that. Enjoy the pics!
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