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May. 21, 2008
Meanwhile, across the pond…
David Smith is our somewhat new friend. He lives across the pond, over in London—our first on-the-ground Euro Clifster.

We're so proud of him that we decided to send him off in a flurry to spread the Clif love to some unsuspecting runners. Actually, it was his idea to head out to Marlborough and hand out some of our bars and BLOKS at the Marlborough Downs Challenge, one of twelve races that are part of the Ultra Running Championship Series.

The race was either a 20-mile or a 33-mile course for runners and walkers. Regardless of speed, I have a hunch that some of those athletes were pretty darn hungry on the course.

The star of the show turned out to be the SHOT Bloks, which the runners thought were just "brilliant." Ah, how those British words just make everything seem so much more...lovely.

If you find yourself in London-town, and happen upon David, reach out, give him a hug, grab a bar and share your thoughts. He'd love to hear them (as would we).

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Amy, Miss Web Gal

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