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Oct. 3, 2013
Meet Your CLIF Builder’s Tough Mudder Sweepstakes Winner
Thousands of you entered to win our CLIF Builder's Ultimate VIP trip to Tough Mudder in San Diego. If you remember, part of the deal was that our winner forms their team of six people, and we provide training sessions for the entire team leading up to the event.

Well, meet your winner, Mike Arnold! We'll be following Mike through his team's training sessions and right through the actual Tough Mudder event in San Diego.

Our Tough Mudder Sweeps Winner, Mike Arnold

My name is Mike Arnold and I'm a very active 38-year-old father of three and husband of one! At a young age of 14, I started throwing weights around in the gym and I'm still very involved with that aspect of my life. I train simple, deaf-lift, squat, bench and military press and all the filler exercises.

I signed up as a junior for the Marine Corps and completed four years of active duty. My teammate, Mike Gula, reintroduced me to running a few years ago and I haven't looked back! As much as I love tar, my true passion is trail running. This all melts in perfectly with Tough Mudder. I have completed one TM as part of a team, which was a blast and then I chose to do one alone. I felt alone, but I could push myself to my limits and completed the course in under three hours.

Above is a photo of [most of] my team. Why did I choose them? It's simple - the love for my wife and friends, and the joy it brings us all. We are all passionate about what we do and it brings us closer as a team, friends and couples. I can honestly tell you that CLIF has been a part of my household for three years now. We use the brand as snacks, fuel and recovery. We try to live a well-balanced lifestyle and clean eating is a part of that (well, most of the time!).

Team "Live Free or Die Trying" is pumped for our west coast trip and all the experiences to come.

Thanks for the opportunity.
-Mike Arnold
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Chris Morell
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