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Aug. 2, 2005
Minden or Bust
This past weekend we headed up to Minden, Nevada for the Master's District Crit Championships.


It was hot - like an evil oven that tricks you to reach inside for a warm homemade cookie then quickly gobbles you whole.  Yup, it was hot just like that.  We were drinking lots of water & CLIF SHOT Electrolyte drinks.  Even popped a soda at one point.  Didn't want a full-out effort to be thwarted by an untimely cramp.  In the crowded heat, on a truly fantastic course, I was finally able to put together a worthy effort.  One might say I'd brought my "A game" to Minden. 


Things started in a rather average manner - nothing spectacular.  Good enough, but "good enough" wasn't going to bring this puppy home.  By about the halfway point, though, things started clicking and I was in the zone - some might say I was livin' la vida loca.  Actually, I said that a lot, and I'm sure my teammate Eric got pretty sick of it.  


I was trying all sorts of crazy stuff and somehow it was all coming out golden.  My competition seemed flustered - slowly unraveling in the torturous drip, drip, drip of a sub-par performance.  When it was all said and done, I'd won.


By ten strokes.  Best miniature golf game I'd played in years.


The race didn't go as well.  But it was nice to be up in the mountains for a stint.


I love bike racing.  And miniature golf's damn fun, too.

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