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Aug. 2, 2006
Mojo Rising…for free
MoonwalkerNot until I hung out with Adam at Bonnaroo—our moon-walking, bio-diesel-educating, cape-wearing friend—did I truly grasp what MOJO means: a whole bunch of creativity, a dash of crazy and a hearty lust for life. Our MOJO Bars may not help your breakin' skills, but they couldn't hurt.
Every now and then we give away stuff on this here blog. Today, it's my favorite, the CLIF MOJO Bar—now 70% organic and full of heart-healthy nuts. According to those folks in white coats, nuts may reduce your risk of heart disease, in addition to the protein they pack. There are no trans fats or processed sugar, so this snack ain't wack.

Sign up for a free CLIF MOJO Bar. While supplies last, of course—when they're gone, they're gone.

ALL SUPPLIES HAVE RUN OUT! Watch out for our next offer!

We're still an independently-owned company that depends on friendly peeps to spread the word about our good eats. If you know anyone else who'd like to try CLIF MOJO, send them on over!

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