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Oct. 2, 2007
Monday Night Football - Clif Bar Style
Big screen football...At home, my 30 inch TV—thanks to continual cutting-edge breakthroughs in 'rabbit ear' technology—gets one channel. On a good day. And though I often lament my loss of the likes of Discovery, History, Bravo, and ESPN, I'm getting by. Thanks to Netflix. And the fact that I'm never really home anyhow.

Come fall, however, my limited technology becomes a bit more palpable—for Monday Night Football is in the air. I just can't pull it out of it. And while there's no shortage of local bars or tech-heavy friend's pads at which to 'get my football on'...nothing really compares to watching MNF in the comfort of my own home/apartment/400feet of space that happens to have a kitchen; pizza steaming on the coffee table, wind whipping just outside my (also cutting edge) 1mm thick, San Francisco glass (circa 1920). Ahh the city. But I digress.

I often don't even care who's playing—I simply watch because I can. You always WANT a good game, but sometimes Baltimore vs Cincinnati happens, and you just sort of deal with it. It's more about ritual than substance at that point anyway. Like all those people who hang out at coffee shops but hate coffee. Habits are habits. Sometimes it's enough just to tune in for the mighty pontifications of one John Madden. It just sounds like home.

Dedication to my one channel and 30" television notwithstanding, you might imagine my surprise and pleasure when I walked through our theatre here a couple Monday nights ago and found 'the game' playing on our giant theater screen! 12 feet x 15 feet of high res, bigger than life action! The stranger part was that there wasn't anyone in there watching it. Shame. Someone had simply set it up and bolted. An offering to the football gods, maybe? Or maybe simply an offering to any who might stumbled upon it. AKA—'Me'.

I hope to arrange a few more Monday Night Football's to appear at Clif Bar before the season ends. Right now my focus will be on November, right around the Thanksgiving weekend. Mostly because I've always wondered what an 8-foot Turducken might look like.

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