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Feb. 8, 2010
Montrail Ultra team begins season with a bang

Most folks recognize the Montrail name as the leaders in performance trail running and hiking footwear. But, what some people might not realize as that Montrail also fields one of the best ultra running teams in the world. In fact, when I need to purchase a new pair of kicks, I simply phone them up and they have an athlete run them to me from their offices 5 miles up the road. Of course, that doesn’t really happen…don’t be ridiculous. But, it could happen. And most of their athletes could run back and forth between our offices about 8 times without breaking a sweat. OK…they might break a sweat. C’mon, I told you not to be ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous, recently the Montrail team has been compiling some ridiculous results. Gary Robbins just set a new course record with his win at Oahu’s infamous HURT 100 and Jill Perry recently did the same at Texas’s Bandera 100k, which is part of the Montrail Ultra Cup Series. Alaska’s Geoff Roes was just named UltraRunning Magazine’s Ultra Runner of the year for 2009, based on several great results, including his record-setting performance while winning the Wasatch 100. If you know anything about competitive running, you know these races are run over incredible distances, on extreme terrain and normally under intense conditions. We're happy to provide the energy necessary for these extreme athletes perform at their best, and we wish the team the best of luck as they prepare for the remainder of this season’s Ultra Cup races, including the notorious Western States 100 in June.
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