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Oct. 10, 2007
Most of what we did last week was for good business
Fill 'er up EricWow. Last week was a bit nuts—in a good way.  Interbike was upon us and we had a lot going on there. 

For starters, Eric and I were driving to the show in the TCB mobile. It was packed to the gills. I’ve never seen the truck so completely full of stuff. We had band equipment, extra product, banner rolls, the arch for Excel Sports CrossVegas, and a bunch of bikes for the Industry Cup Crit. We run the truck on bio-diesel so we visited NearBio to map out our route and figure out where we’d be able to fill up along the way. All in all, the drive to and fro went great and we never had to step foot into the Vegas airport.  Hallelujah!

Each day at the show, it's basically pure madness at the Clif booth. It’s non-stop and it’s great. From a TCB perspective, I absolutely love touching base with all the folks I don’t get to see in person during the year. The buzz in the booth this year was amplified by the fact that we had a big 1959 bus sitting right there with us to launch our 2-Mile Challenge tour.

Wednesday night was time to see some bike racing. Having bike races at Interbike was a big deal and >Excel Sports CrossVegas led out the bike-racing action with a fantastic show under the lights. Katerina & Georgia from the Luna team, Mark & Troy from TCB Cyclocross, and Danny from the Clif Bar Development Cross Team all suited up to race in Vegas—and it was pretty damn cool to see. Dave & Richard ripped it up on the mic; Elvis was there; Chris & Brook put on a wonderful event; Waldek, Chris and Zeph from the Luna team did the superb job they always do getting things dialed for the athletes; Ben Turner had the Clif Bar Development Team sustainable sports efforts down pat (they even camped out while in Vegas which was slick); and in the end I got to bed sometime around 2am pretty much completely exhausted. Viva Cross Vegas!

MarkAnd as if Wednesday night wasn’t enough bike-racing wonder, on Thursday night we did it all again—this time on the pavement in the Mandalay Bay parking lot for the USA Crits Finals and the much-anticipated Industry Cup Criterium. There’s nothing quite like standing up for hours two days straight, sleeping very little, and then going full bore for 40 laps with 100+ industry nut-cases around a relatively technical crit course. There were crashes, guys caught on fire, werewolves attacked and so on. At times it was a little sketchy and at times it was a lot sketchy. We fielded a team of four that included Athlete Sponsorship Coordinator Eric ‘Li’l Packer’ Walle, Shot Brand Manager Chris ‘El Leprechaunico’ Randall, CB&C Owner & Founder Gary ‘Sven’ Erickson, and Dylan ‘The Crocodile’ Seguin. It’s pretty slick to work for a company where the owner & founder is willing to put on a skinsuit and hit the races with us. I absolutely love that part. And I absolutely loved the Industry Cup Crit.  Pure mad thrilling swellness.

We survived the ride back to the hotel on The Strip that night and we all ate really, really well.

Friday was more of the same fun stuff that is Interbike. Big, cool, shiny bus; lots of visitors to the booth; and more tasty Clif Bar Hemp Brownies.  Yup. 

It was a great show. And I don’t think we even did anything that was technically too illegal.

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