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Dec. 14, 2010
Moving Toward Sustainability: Winter 2010 Edition
As you surely know, Clif Bar & Company is dedicated to reducing our ecological footprint, in everything we do, from the field to the final product.

So we created a sustainability newsletter back in 2001 as a way of sharing our research, experiences and progress in this program with the larger Clif community. Here you’ll find a little bit of everything, from organic farming to wind farms, biodiesel to bicycle commuting. Join us in celebrating nearly a decade of environmental work with our latest issue.

So with this launch of the 2010 issue of Moving Toward Sustainability, we are celebrating nearly a decade of environmental work at Clif Bar & Company.

Moving Toward Sustainability - Winter 2010

In honor of this ten-year milestone, included in this edition is a personal story from Clif Bar's Founder and CEO Gary Erickson, a story from Nepal that deeply influenced his thoughts on business and his journey in life.

In the fall of 1982, after traveling for nearly a year around the world, I ended up in Nepal hoping to climb a few modest 20,000 peaks with a friend. In preparation for the climb, I trekked around acclimatizing to the Himalayan Mountains and culture and found myself trailing a climbing expedition headed for one of the highest peaks in the world, Dhaulagiri.

The expedition included six climbers, 10 Sherpas, and over 200 porters carrying 20,000 pounds of equipment, tents, climbing gear, food, oxygen bottles, and more. All this effort – people and stuff – was dedicated to the hope of getting one or two climbers to the summit.

I had climbed many peaks by this time in my life but never using so many resources and so much energy. Then I saw the base camps of Dhaulagiri and other Himalayan peaks. Whether they succeed or fail, these expeditions leave behind literally tons of garbage – abandoned tents, sleeping bags, ropes, empty food containers, and thousands and thousands of oxygen bottles. This experience blew me away...

To read the rest of the story, check out the latest edition of Moving Toward Sustainability.
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