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Mar. 21, 2006
My Lil’ Mutant Grow a Pony
Cassie's Grow a HorseOkay, well you might not know this, but I sit near Cassie—my co-worker and fellow blogger. If you read Cassie's bio, you'll gather that she's a "horseaholic"—no, that word is not in spell check. She's not completely obnoxious about horses, just really into them in that girl-who-loves-them sort of way. She likes riding them (one in particular), grooming them and talking about them.
It's her love of horses that makes me think of her every time I see some plaque, t-shirt or welcome mat with a horse on it. So by default, or maybe because of the proverbial “don't think of an elephant” expression, collecting horse memorabilia has become high on my list.

A while ago I was in a toy store buying a birthday present and I saw a toy called Grow a Pony. I had to buy it for Cassie. She's had it for about a year and last Friday, she finally decided to try it out. This little pony grows 6x its size when soaked in water—no grooming, feeding or stall cleaning required. Besides the bowl it grows in, the Grow a Pony doesn't take up that much space; it's the perfect office pet. There's only one small problem—it's scary looking.

It's a spongy, mustard-yellow color with a painted on mane, a stumpy tail and stodgy-looking legs. It has these teeny-tiny ears that you really have to look closely at to find. It's like a My Little Pony with a mutant gene in its pool. Right now, it doesn't appear to have grown to its full size but this hasn't stopped me from turning around a couple times today just to be certain. I have to say, I'm not sure I like having my back to it.
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