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Sep. 14, 2009
My Summer Vacation at Trans Rockies
Colleen, Colorado Field Marketing Rep, is a crazy cat. She loves to run...and run...and run. For the third year in a row, she decided to spend an entire vacation running.

August in Colorado means a few things; the Broncos are in training camp, the Rockies are STILL playing, and it’s time for Trans Rockies Run! And for my third year in a row I had more than a blast!

What and where is this “Trans Rockies” I speak of?

It’s a 2-person team, 6-day stage trail race from Buena Vista, Colorado to Beaver Creek, Colorado, and covers 113 miles with its highest elevation peaking at just over 13,500 feet. Oh, and I should mention that I took vacation days for this… yes, vacation days! Though it's a 2-person team we both run together and have to remain within 2 minutes of each other from check point to check point. My partner was none other than my bestest running buddy and friend, Glen Delman. The guy's an ultra machine and clearly pulled me through each stage.

So back to my “vacation”…doesn’t trail running, camping, sitting in cool creeks and hanging by a campfire drinking beer sound like fun? And to do it with 300 of your closest nutty friends from around the World makes it even better.

It’s one of those super cool life experiences you just have to… well, experience! The fact that it’s my third year tells you something. When you spend a full week together at this super uber cool traveling running camp you bond. The runners, the staff, the volunteers, the shower-truck guy, Burt! Trans Rockies is a family and I have to say I’m in love.

Every day presented a challenging “race” (yes, I use that term loosely) course, but at the end of the day we all came together to share a wonderful dinner and then some campfire songs and S’mores. And the coolest thing about this was that all the fast people hung out with us “middle of the packers” and slower peeps—no egos, just sharing in the moments of Trans Rockies.

Amongst the primary nutrition sponsors of the event, guess who won? That’s right… do a little dance… shake your thing… because Clif Bar & Company reigned supreme! Funny-story side note: the night before the race started Glen and I (aka “Team Clif Bar”) bunked with a friendly competitor and the crazy guys from Team TIMEX.

We had such a great time together; in fact, I had to complain to them that they were dehydrating me because I was laughing so hard! Those two teams never stopped entertaining me all week either, so good times were definitely had; and a little friendly competition doesn’t hurt.

Now, Labor Day has passed and all I can think is a short time ago I was running on some of the most beautiful trails and completely disconnected from cell phones and internet. Now that's a vacation, friends! I miss my friends…I miss running…I miss campfires…I miss the staff…I miss Trans Rockies. (Sniffle… sniffle…)

Until next year…

“…Keep on running when you feel like dying
Keep on laughing while you’re crying
Keep on fighting while you’re broken
And you’ll make it anyway
You’ll make it anyway
You’ll make it anyway…”

(Chorus from Trans Rockies Theme Song)
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