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Jun. 27, 2006
Natural Energy Tour 2006!
NET Booth!The CLIF BAR Natural Energy Tour 2006 edition has begun !!! Having kicked off at the biggest, most eccentric music festival in all the land—Bonnaroo!!

After a couple weeks training and hanging out with all our feathered/duck billed and rubber booted friends in rainy Boston, we headed for Tennessee with a short stop to mountain bike at Snowshoe Resort in West Virginia. Along the way we gave shout-outs and bars to other bumper-to-bumper traffic goers, saw the largest radio satellite feature which stuck out like a five-football-field sized dish dropped in the middle of fluffy green mountains and heard some seriously fantastic accents!

Next was Bonnaroo Music Festival. Our five day visit to the six hundred acre, 80,000 person, mecca-of-music madness was a great one—the "official" kick-off for the Natural Energy Tour. We became buddies with Asheville Hip-Hop dancers (who were soooooo cool and full of great energy and ideas), got lots of sun, saw lots of skin, danced ‘till almost sun up and fed the masses flowing through Planet Roo (our area at the festival). Bonnaroo is definitely exciting and overwhelming with so many bands, workshops, people to meet—you name it. Thanks to everyone who made the event a blast!!

Currently, we're sending our greetings from HOTlanta, Georgia and let me tell you it is crazy HOT!!! Gina, our GPS has been pulling through to direct us around this enormous city!! We’ve handed out bars at the last two Atlanta Braves baseball games with great responses—mostly big "Thank yous!!!"

Today we sampled downtown and at some of the funky neighborhoods that are getting ready to party at the Pride Parade this weekend. Atlanta's super fun and we’re looking forward to spending some time in The Smokey Mountains!

To see more photos from the road, check out!

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