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Jul. 17, 2006
Natural Energy Tour--Biking in PA
Ashley conquers all!We just finished our second Guster show here in Philly, and after doing a few handstands in the hotel room I'm inspired to update you all on the last week.

A couple of crazy things come to mind. First, can I just say that the mountain biking in York, PA is awesome! Beyond that, we learned that if the hotel receptionist likes you, you might land a room with a hot tub in the center of it—crazy!

I had fairly low expectations for the mountain biking in "Pennsyltuckey," but arrived to find a nice long loop with some unexpected obstacles.

During our first downhill section I came flying into the last turn only to hear Brian yell "STOP!" Barely avoiding an over-the-handle-bars crash, I stepped off my bike into a stream with thirty feet of gravel topping and out onto the highway with no trail in sight. Uhh.

where will this lead?After a minute of poking around we found a tunnel through the basement of the highway. Following the "light at the end of the tunnel," we made our way under a 4-foot ceiling and through ankle-deep, ankle-deep water.

The remainder of the trail took us through fluffy green ferns, over cool look-outs, past ponds bearing Herons and through yet another tunnel.

Tomorrow we're going to Potomac, MD for the Potomac Whitewater festival. It's still sooooo hot on the East Coast and so we're psyched to spend a few days next to a river—hopefully a cold one!

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