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Jul. 7, 2006
Natural Energy Tour--Greetings from Virginia
the power of nature!What's up CLIF Peeps?

Leaving Atlanta and with a few days to spend on the trails in Smoky Mountain National Park was like Led Zepplin playing in the Jackson Hole Tram on a huge powder day—we were stoked!

We spent our first afternoon hiking in the rain and taking in the views of navy-blue, misty mountains while walking through a tropical forest. Our plan was to keep hiking on busy trails for two days giving hungry hikers an extra snack. But we awoke to a tent full of water; with no end in sight to the three-plus-day monsoon, we headed to Asheville, NC. 

All we heard about Asheville proved to be true—the town is AWESOME! The mountain biking was amazing with well maintained trails and super nice locals. Everyone who passed our van stopped for bars and offered to be our biking tour guide!

While leaving Durham, NC, we met the friendly and passionate folks at Piedmont Biodiesel who told us about the Festival for the Eno, a three-day music and environmental fair to benefit the local Eno River.

Each day, about 13,000 people arrived at the woodsy park to listen to music. The five stages were surrounded by local non-profits, artists, workshops and great food. We've never had so many people tell us about their own biodiesel rig or spoken with so many conscious eaters.

Just about an hour ago, we were fixing a flat trailer tire. We're on the road again, heading for Virginia Beach and boy are we relieved to have the tire repaired! These things always happen on Sunday evenings, during holiday weekends, in the middle of "no where" when you can still fry an egg on all driveways long after the sun has set.

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