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Sep. 15, 2006
Natural Energy Tour--Home Stretch!
skiing for wrestling...Boston is enduring its first week of class for the many, many colleges that reside here and we've been at the center of the action.

We spent the official first day of class at Boston University where instead of grassy lawns and walkways, BU has busy streets and T stops. In conjunction with the "College Theme" we spent last weekend at a College Fair at Hynes Convention Center where new students arrive to get lots of free stuff and listen to great bands. We had no idea what a huge weekend this was going to be and aside from a great CLIF BAR response, Damien Marley and his posse performed! It was awesome!!!

There was quite the variety of giveaways and sign ups at the college fair from energy drinks/bars to manicures, ipods, chocolate, and tons of credit cards and website gurus. Overall many of these new students practically needed shopping carts to get their freebees home!

We've had a great adventure being on the CLIF Natural Energy Tour. Brian here ate so many bars that he has pretty much turned into one! He's now giving up skiing in Jackson to pursue Sumo wrestling.


P.S For more photos from our tour, check out!

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