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Aug. 23, 2006
Natural Energy Tour--I heart NYC!
During the past two weeks we have had quite the adventure adapting to the bustling metropolis, fast-paced life that is New York City. I love the cabbies in New York, they are so eccentric from all over the world and with most of them, I would like to stay in the cab and hear about all the things they have seen in the city. In a one night span of cab rides we felt like we visited the Caribbean, Bombay India, West Africa, a sweet jazz club and a Nascar race.

As we opened each new cab door we had absolutely no idea what we were in for! On our first day in NYC in Union Square I was completely awestruck by the gigantic canyon walls of the skyscrapers, the heat waves that roared through them and the twelve person circle that follows you on every city block and into every store. We ate Moroccan, Turkish, Indian, raw and lots of Whole Foods and holy smokes you could dine at a charming establishment three meals a day your entire life in NYC and never visit them all!

Beyond the city we’ve just spent the last two days patching up the old Roxy Wagon as she decided to spray a parking lot and a highway with glistening-gold bio-diesel. Any affection we previously had for her has diminished and we are currently seeking counseling.

Boston here we come!

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