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Aug. 4, 2006
Natural Energy Tour--Snail trail
Ashley--one with the mountain!While its 96 degrees in the shade, and rising, we spent what felt like our first truly relaxing day off in New Paltz, NY, climbing in the "Gunks" and taking multiple trips to the spring-fed swimming hole.

Touring through Philly, New Jersey and New York City is definitely a ton of work—between finding parking, navigating the labyrinth of highways and conforming to the crowded streets. We were relieved to arrive in the small town of New Paltz and get back to our "Jackson life"—climbing, swimming and enjoying the hills.


We’re honestly giving our best effort to make friends with the humidity, but leading my first rock climb in about a year—sweat dripping off every corner of our faces, our bodies leaving a slimy trail up the camel colored rock faces—was no easy feat in that kind of heat!

We woke at sunrise to climb a few routes before the official sweat fest. We then took a much needed swimming break and headed back to the cliffs again.

We’re off to the Big Apple where concerts, parks and characters await!

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