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Jul. 25, 2006
Natural Energy Tour--Where’s the water?
Roxie meets the President...not really, but she came close!As of this very second, 19:44, we're rushing down the highway with some GIANT isolated thunderstorms in our wake. With temperatures toping out at 110 in the shade, we headed for the biggest water park in both the Carolinas, Wet 'n Wild Water Park in Greensboro, NC. Our search for water, slides and perhaps a pirate ship was successful. Just after numerous jumps off the bow of the sunken ship, lightning struck and the storm clouds were in full force.

Our third Guster show brought us back down to North Carolina but as of tomorrow, we head back north to Baltimore and Washington D.C. From our last blog, I mentioned we were going to the Potomac Whitewater festival in Maryland. Holy smokes the Great Falls were totally crazy and we definitely enjoyed being amongst the river and around stoked like-minded individuals. It's great to find a refuge outside such a large metropolitan area like Washington D.C.

We have actually hit the midpoint of our tour and we're looking forward to our next section in the city that never sleeps—New York! I'm going salsa dancing 'till 6am!

For more photos from the road, check out!

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