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Mar. 29, 2006
Natural products take over Anaheim
If you've never attended a trade show for the food industry, you don’t know what you're missing. There are all sorts of these things that happen all the time: poultry, organic foods, grocery chains, natural foods, seafoods, you name it, they've got it!

Last weekend, I attended the Natural Products Expo. It takes place in Anaheim, CA, right next door to Disneyland. In the world of natural foods, this is the show. It's sort of like walking into a Whole Foods but instead of products on the shelves, there are colorful booths and people there to tell you about each item.

And, boy, was it crowded! In some areas, you literally had to push your way through the aisles. You just have to be patient, keep on smiling and try not to eat too much.

Here's some pretty cool stuff from the show:

  1. Acai Berry

    This is a highly nutritious berry found in the Brazilian rainforest. Over the last few years, it has been finding its way into the US. Sambazon is making some delicious-tasting products with it.

  2. Chocolate

    I don't even want to know how much chocolate I consumed, and most of it was quite good! It was there in just about any form you can imagine.

  3. Tea

    Green tea, herb tea, black tea, white tea, red tea, tea oil, matcha tea—am I missing anything?

  4. Pizza

    I don't normally purchase frozen pizza, but American Flatbread tastes great!

  5. Crackers

    Dr. Kracker are delish, hearty and healthy!

  6. Water

    Metro Mint Water is an unusual beverage; you just might need to try it for yourself.

The Clif Bar & Co. booth was hopping, too. We were displaying quite a few new products which you'll be seeing this summer (in stores and on the website):

  • LUNA and MOJO are now certified organic (same great taste)

  • A new breakfast bar called LUNA Sunrise (yummy)

  • Chocolate Mint CLIF Builder's bar (yummy2)

  • Chocolate Chip CLIF ZBar (yummy3)

  • Apricot CLIF Bar now with unsulphered apricots (yummy4)

There were so MANY other interesting and delicious products there, I certainly couldn't list them all. After a day of walking, talking and eating, I zonked out on the plane back home.
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