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May. 10, 2005
Nature Calls and Other Disturbing Distractions
In my efforts to drink enough water, I have a plethora of beverage containers accruing at my desk. Getting enough water & fluids has many advantages supported by tons of research I have recently combed through in the development of our new CLIF SHOT drinks.

But, man…… the fluid intake is turning into nothing but a distraction today as I try to write my outline for my meeting on the break-through "a-ha” in Sports Nutrition. I get on a roll describing the application of these latest findings only to be interrupted by the call of nature. Like every 20 minutes! This is a common complaint of those I counsel on the benefits of having water bottle in-hand at all times, but today,  I am sympathizing with them.

And as if trips to the bathroom weren’t enough of a distraction, my podmates (those sitting in near proximity of my desk) are fascinated with the latest beverage container I have acquired – my new SIGG thermos. This was some great swag from one of our merchandisers who gave it to me as a thank-you for schooling him through fluid and electrolyte replacement so he felt better prepared to sell the drinks. I didn’t think anyone but my nerdy self was interested in reading the nitty-gritty, peer-reviewed, journal articles we based our drink recipe on!

Well, the thermos is pink and super cute because it's much smaller than your average thermos! So, a great debate ensued over how much water it actually holds, which lead to gulping more water and measuring & more time away from my task at hand! Alas, the thermos holds a mere 8 ounces as opposed to the 12 oz. Chris thought, leaving Ricardo the winner and me less hydrated (or caffeinated – depending on what is in it) than I originally thought.
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